Privacy Policy

This privacy policy illustrates how Independent Compliance Services (Pty) Ltd (“ICS”) protects the information that is provided to it by its users who visit the following website:

Both ICS and any user who visits this website, unconditionally agree that when either party provides, processes, transmits or stores information relating to the other party, this information may constitute personal information.

This information will be used for a specific, explicitly defined and lawful purposes only.

Reasonable measures to identify, on a continuous basis, any reasonably foreseeable internal and external risks to the information of the other party will be taken.

Appropriate security measures against any risks identified will be established and maintained to safeguard the information of the other party.

ICS will only send personal identifiable information about its users to other companies or third parties should consent be obtained from the user in respect thereof.

The only information ICS will ever disclose to third parties is aggregate information about its users. Aggregate information will not identify the website’s users and will only identify the user’s population in general terms.

The user consents to the website’s agreements, notices and disclosures by visiting the website.

ICS reserves the right to change this Privacy Policy on an ad hoc basis at its sole discretion.

ICS is not responsible for the content or privacy practices of non-ICS websites to which it refers.


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